For Companies:


Donating to or creating a scholarship is a great thing. If your company has already started a scholarship fund, contributed to one, or is thinking about either of these, then your company is on its way to helping students all across the country.

Not only are companies making differences in the lives of students, but by creating or contributing to scholarship funds a company has created a great PR move for themselves. Being able to help with scholarships shows a caring and successful company while offering great exposure to the company at the same time.

Scholar Launch works on a company’s behalf to place scholarships with the right schools to maximize exposure.

Tuition costs are constantly rising and students need help now more than ever to obtain a good education for the future. Scholarships not only help monetarily, but can inspire, motivate, and reward hard working students. They also help students reach goals and reach their full potential.

Let Scholar Launch help your company find the right university for your scholarship. Contact us today to learn more.