What is Scholar Launch?


Scholar Launch connects private businesses offering scholarships with universities eager to inform their students of available scholarship opportunities.

Many students seeking scholarships are simply not aware of those being offered by the private sector. This is where Scholar Launch enters the picture. We work for select private businesses to maximize the public awareness of their company scholarship, often times by helping universities to effectively promote the scholarship to their students.

Tuition Costs at Record Highs

Ten years ago tuition costs, including room and board, peaked at $13,600 for a 4-year public institution. Today, a decade later, that number has nearly doubled and an average 4-year degree can cost $22,000 or more for instate tuition at a public institution. These numbers, along with a recession and struggling job market, can cripple any student attempting to gain an education from a university.

Scholarships Help Students

$35 million in scholarships are available through private companies and Scholar Launch helps universities to direct students to the right scholarships offered from private companies. When students receive scholarship money it aids in many aspects of their careers.

Student loans offer temporary relief from high tuition costs, but scholarships offer a lifetime of relief. Students have more time to spend learning and growing, and spend less time worrying about the high costs they are paying, or will be paying when they eventually pay student loans back immediately after graduation.

Businesses Help Students

Private businesses are helping students every day to launch their careers with an education that will help them gain the knowledge they need for a competitive job market. By contributing to scholarship funds or creating new scholarships private businesses are helping the future of all involved.